Call Blocking Not Available In Google Phone App - FIX


Oct 6, 2019
RN9P-EU - Stable

This ROM features the Xiaomi default Phone and Contacts apps, which I don't particularly like. If, like me, you install the Google Phone and Contacts apps, you may discover that it is not possible to block numbers in Google Phone. In fact, the Blocked Numbers option is actually missing from the Settings menu.

After Googling this for ages and not finding any solution, I eventually discovered the solution by accident, whilst playing with the phone's App Settings....

Under Apps --> Manage Apps --> ... -> Default Apps --> Dial

Set this to Google Phone rather than the Xiaomi Contacts.

The Google Phone app will now be able to block numbers and the missing Blocked Numbers menu will now be there !


Jul 1, 2020
Thank You for that post. But You use Google phone on :p I decided to install for Xiaomi dialer ;P but Thanks, it will be usefull for future :)