Calls interrupted in the 11th minute of the conversation.


Jun 10, 2022
HI everyone!
I seem to have a very unusual problem with my phone because I haven't found a similar description on the web, and I'm asking for help in eliminating it.
The phone REDMI NOTE 11 was purchased on April 9. And what is the problem?

After making or receiving a call for the first 10 minutes of the call everything is fine. There are no problems. As soon as the 10 minutes of call time are exceeded, i.e. 10:09, 10:23 sometimes 10:45 you can usually hear the dial tone on the keypad, which both callers can hear. It is a shrill loud sound disrupting the conversation completely. A series of digits appear on the screen (usually 2222222222222 or 555555555555) and then the call is usually interrupted. Sometimes, instead of a dial tone, the caller hears a message that the call is on hold. After a minute you may be able to continue the call but from then on such interruptions happen very often (every minute or two). Yet another situation is when after 10 minutes the interlocutor does not hear anything, there is complete silence, while I hear the interlocutor (usually swearing that he does not hear anything although the conversation continues). After the call is terminated and a new call is made, the caller can talk again for 10 minutes until the situations mentioned above occur. This situation never happens before 10 minutes have passed. So it is not a coincidence.

What I have done so far in this situation:
- restored the factory settings twice;
- I installed an antivirus program and scanned the phone;
- I changed the SIM card slot to number 2;
- I called and received calls within the range of different BTS stations;
- I used the SIM card in another phone (no problems);
- I have updated the phone and switched it off.

The problem occurs with two operators on two different SIM cards. Both T.Mobile and Orange SIM cards behave in the same way. The phone has never been dropped or flooded from the very beginning it has behaved the same.

What may come as a surprise is that my previous phone also Xiaomi brand RedMi4 6.0.1. had been interrupting calls for some time but this was not done after 10 minutes, no keypad could be heard or hang ups switched on. The call would be interrupted at different times and then the phone would make the call itself to a random person from the contact list. It was already an old phone so that's why I assumed it was the phone's fault. After buying a new one, i.e. the current REDMI11, and the repeated interruption of the conversation (but without the spontaneous calling), I suspected that it was the T.Mobile SIM card, so I changed the operator and got a new card. Unfortunately I had to wait until 30 May for the new card to be activated. I had high hopes that it was the card's fault, but that hasn't changed anything at all. I have no idea what else I can do or what this is all about. Other functions of the phone work flawlessly: texts, MMS, internet, communicators, wifi. There is nothing wrong with the phone, apart from the fact that ALWAYS in the 11th minute of a call (both incoming and outgoing) the conversation is disrupted and usually terminated.

I am asking for help because the situation is impossibly annoying.