New Camera Focus

Patrik Kur

Sep 20, 2017
Hi guys,

I´ve had my xiaomi mi6 for 3 months now, and after cca 1 month my camere started having difficulties focusing. It progressed over time so that now my back camera is basically useless, cause all the pictures are blurry. The only difference is when I use portrait mode/ or when I try to take picture of a ceiling (or dark sleeve or something) then the focus starts for few secs. Do you have any idea what could it be ? I´m running MIUI Global 8.5 Stable ( I tried reinstalling this rom as well as rebooting / factory reset.

Do you have any idea what could it be ? The phone was bought from **********.com, that´s why I don´t want to ship it back with only hope that it will ever come back.

Thank you a lot !