camera info?

Aug 5, 2011
Redmi camera is horrible.
My Huawei Ideos X5 U8800, with only 5MP camera takes far better photos, specially if using a MIUI rom.
Redsmi camera has a very poor light sensor.
Imagine this situation, you are in a room with moderate light and a window in it. The day is very beautiful and sunny, therefore a good amount of brightness will be visible through the window
In this situation the only wy of you getting a reasonable photo is by facing back to the window other wise if by any means you are facing the window or even sideways, the photos will be all extremely brightness and very blury with light.
The sensor cannot adapt to these situations which is very disapointing.
If you like photos, like I do, do not buy this phone counting to have a reasonable camera in your hands.
This only takes good photos with ideal envoirments for the efect. No adaptation at all so less convenient photo scenarios....
Dec 13, 2013
Redmi camera is horrible.
Interesting, my experience is totally different. I compared with lot of another phone camera for example LG G2 and my previous phone a sony sony xperia t. The hongmi is better both of them. Maybe the light sensor is not so good but the other phones makes bad quality picture instead of the circumstances is good. But I looking for a dual sim phone which has much more better camera than hongmi.