New Camera rotation bug when save to SD card is turned on


Aug 22, 2015
I have found a bug on my Redmi Note 8 running weekly beta rom 9.12.12.

If the option 'Save to SD card' in the stock camera app is turned on, every picture I take is rotated 90 degrees to the left when I view it.
If I press on the preview really quick after taking a picture I see the image with correct orientation and the text 'Processing photo' for a short moment. After that the image is rotated.
The thumbnail in the gallery app shows the picture upright, but when I open it to show full screen, the image automatically rotates to the left again.

If I switch the option off so the pictures are saved to internal memory there is no problem at all.
Also when I make a picture with the option off, so saving it to the internal storage, then moving it to the SD card it becomes rotated too, so I can tell for sure it happens after transfer the file to the SD card. I can see that a picture saved to the SD card has no EXIF data (at least not visible from gallery details). When I edit the picture, rotate it and save it the EXIF data is back again and the picture is upright too. But that's only because they are being saved on internal storage after editing. A picture originally saved to internal storage and then moved to SD card doesn't show up in the gallery app at all.
Clearing data from the Camera app and Gallery app(can only clear cache, not app data) didn't fix anything.

Moving files between SD card and internal storage in general is seriously bugged in this ROM. Will try to flash stable to see if it has the same issue.

Can a logcat sort something out for you in this situation, as I'm not getting any error?
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