Can anyone explain me a bit how does the different server settings work?

Jon Ander MB

Jun 10, 2014
I've had different xiaomi devices connected to my "Mi Control hub" for a while.
Although I live in europe, I've always have had my server set to mainland china, just to be able to have any device I get from **********, regardless of their availability in europe.
This has allowed me to get any Xiaomi device, but I notice my DaFang camera (that, as far as I know is not supposed to get outiside of china) has a lot of connection issues and is pretty much unreliable.
I'd like to know how all this works because it's kind of a mess: If I migrate to european server, which devices would I lose?: I have that camera, some yeelight strips and some aquara temperature & humidity sensors. I also have a couple of door sensors as well.