Can not connect via USB to computer anymore, but 3 times USB connection option and USB notification gone


Feb 23, 2021
Hello everybody,

I have 2 problems with my Xiaomi mi 10T lite:
1) the main problem is that I am no longer able to connect my phone to my computer via USB.
It worked at first without problems for about a month after I bought the phone! But for no reason (after the phone downloaded a system update?), with the same USB cable it suddenly could not connect to the computer anymore: when I plug the USB cable to the computer, the phone shows in the right upper corner an icon that it is charging, but it does NOT show me ANYMORE the floating notification that it is plugged to a USB cable (neither the notification for charging, neither the notification for USB connection), and the computer does not recognise the phone.
I have now MIUI Global stable, and Android 10 QKQ1 with all with the updates up to date.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

I have set in Developer options > Default USB configuration > File Transfer

But it STILL does NOT show me any notification on the phone when I connect to the computer via USB, and it still looks as if it is just charging, as if neither the phone, nor the computer know that they are connected via USB cable, and the phone looks like it is just charging (not for file transfer)

I have also installed on my PC the new drivers for Xiaomi mi 10, but it still does not work

and now comes my second problem:

2) Trying to set the notification priority to "low" for Android (to make , I went to
Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Android system > Notifications

But there it shows me 3 times the same option "USB connection" !!!
Like in the attached pictures.


Does anyone know how to fix this?

And when I go on each of these 3 options, that are named the same: "USB connection", it does not show me any option to set the priority to "low" for the USB notifications!
Like in the pictures attached


So there must be something wrong - Why does it show me, one under the other, for 3 times "USB connection"? And how can I set the USB notifications priority to "low", when it shows me no such option?

How can I make it work, and be able to connect to the computer via USB and make a file transfer?


Mar 3, 2021
Hello Sandra,

first to your Problem 2):
I have a Mi 10T lite 5G, same device as yours, and i can also see that USB-connections are listed 3x in
Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Android system > Notifications.
My Rom is (QJSCNXM) stable, a very good rom, thanks to all developers!
I think that it is not a bug, it is a feature! Because you can connect more than one USB-device to the phone.
(USB-C connection is very fast, with a hub you can connect 3 devices at the same time, e.g. PC and two 4k Displays. Or keyboard, mouse and charger.)


To your Problem 1):
If i connect a PC (or another device) via USB-cable to the Mi10T lite, a Notification "pops up" where i can choose "only charge" "data transfer MTP" and "PTP picture transfer". This choice is independent from the default USB-setting. My default setting is "only charge" See the screenshot-picture.

By connection, in Windows-Explorer a Symbol for the phone is shown.
At this time, the phone is only charging. If i use "adb devices" (from Android-sdk), i get "unauthorized" back. No access to files. In Windows the phone is "empty" containig no data.
If i choose "PTP", in Windows the "Internal Memory" is shown and i have full access only to "DCIM" and "Pictures". (adb returns also "unauthorized").
If i choose "MTP data transfer", i have full access to the internal memory, so i can backup the data or save some data to the phone, for example new rom, img-, zip- or apk-files for installation. (adb devices returns "unauthorized" again).
For full access via adb, i have to turn on "USB-debugging" in the developer options, but simple file transfers from or to the internal memory are possible without debugging.
Because your device is charging after you connected it via USB to your PC, i think the problem comes from your PC (Windows). Recent Microsoft-updates for Windows 10 are turning PCs to "default settings" (terrible!). Maybe your installed drivers are now not working due to "signing problems"
Try to connect your phone to a linux-pc (or boot a linux-system from USB-Stick), enable developer-options, unlock the screen and after USB-connection the USB-menu should pop-up, choose MTP and get acces to your phones internal memory. (In Linux, there is no need to install a driver to get acces to an android-phone). If you get access to your phone via linux, you have to configure your Windows-System again, because there is the problem.