cannot edit vold.fstab file in /system, I tried remounting /system so many ways...

Oct 12, 2012
Ok i have spent the last 4 hours trying to edit the vold.fstab file, when I access it using ES file explorer or total commander I can't do anything with it due to permission problems.

The thing is I have tried to remount the /system directory as read/write using many different ways:

- Downloaded and used this app ( but cannot edit the vold.fstab file stil.

- I also downloaded the terminal emulator app and followed this guide ( but after doing that I still cannot edit the or delete the vold.fstab file within /system/etc

help is very much appreciated!!

redmaner maintainer
Staff member
Jan 12, 2013
Have you checked your root-permission?

You can also download the latest Redmi ROM, unzip it's contents.
Edit the file and rezip + sign. And then flash the zip