Resolved Cannot Receive SMS Notification on Desktop PIM

Sep 28, 2012
I have noticed that MIUI cannot push SMS notifications to Desktop PIM (Personal Information Manager Apps) such as MyPhoneExplorer and SnapPea. Both desktop programs are designed to receive a message notification on the desktop app when the phone receives SMS. However, this does not happen with MIUI ROM. Whenever an SMS is received by the phone, it is not able to push notification to the desktop PIM. Whenever I manually click the refresh button on the desktop PIM, however, I receive the new SMS. I read somewhere that MIUI's messaging system might be slightly different from standard android. I hope others can confirm this and if there is a solution, kindly share.

*I have also experienced that TASKER app cannot read new SMS received in MIUI ROM.

ROM: MIUI-RGUI/MIUI-INDIA currently on 3.1.11
DESKTOP PIM: MyPhoneExplorer and SnapPea latest versions
CONNECTION: WIFI, Bluetooth, USB Cable