Cannot update from 13.0.4


Nov 21, 2015
Hi everybody,

did already some searches here an in the web but did not yet find an answer.

My Poco X3 Pro is on 13.0.4 Stable which is shown as Global but in fact is SJUEUXM (so EU version). I remember that I already had big issues upgrading from 12.x to 13.x back then - but unfortunately do not remember how I made it (even called the support of Xiaomi).
But also since I upgraded to 13.0.4 a very long time ago no new update can be found. But also downloading and installing the latest update does not work at all - it only shows to try in 1 or 2 minutes again (since weeks).
Downloading the latest versions of EU or Global and trying to install them manually via updater also does not work. Always getting the following.
With the current version I always get the error: Sorry, flash to this stable version is not allowed.
With the current version I always get the error: Couldn't verify package. Update via USB instead.

In addition I tried to change the region to 2 different other ones and updating with those - also does not work.
This version from here always shows me the error: Sorry, flash to this stable versio is not allowed.
That version from here always shows me the error: It's not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package.

Also placing the update into main folder of the internal storage doesn't help at all.
Mi Flash Pro does not work either, since nothing is displayed in the "ROM Packages" menu. The model selection remains empty and when I enter Poco X3 Pro by hand, nothing happens. It either shows Region/country: Carrier: unknown error. or Region/country: Carrier: Parameter error

Any idea what I could still try next to more "brutal" methods like ADB flash or installing a custom recovery and trying from there?
In case there might be already answers around would be nice to hint me to those threads/posts!

Thank you in advance and

Kind Regards


XM12 Tester
Apr 22, 2021
To be clear.
TJUEUXM is not a ROM but a Global EEA (designed for the EU market).
This forum has nothing to do with your problem.
You are using a Global ROM, look for a solution on the Xiaomi website.


Nov 21, 2015
Yep, this I knew that it is not related to ROM. Sorry for "wrong" posting. Was not my intention to act against some board rules or so. Was of the opinion that next to there is also general help that can be looked for here. Posted in the xiaomi forum. Thank you for pointing me to that!

Will get back to as soon as I will try those ROMs again (was using them regularly on my Redmi Note 2 Prime until support of xiaomi and hence the ROMs here ceased).