Can't retrieve my old sms!


Aug 28, 2011
First of all, please apologize my very poor english :)

Yesterday I've installed Miui 1.8.16 into my Acer Liquid A1 replacing the "semi official" Froyo rom. :)
Before that, I performed a full backup with Titanium Backup.
Then I booted in recovery mode, and using the Malez tool I performed another backup, then wiped all datas, and installed Miui and the Italian language pack.

Then I re-installed Titanium backup in order to restore apps/datas... but I couldn't retrieve my old sms!! :-(
Well, I started to play with the settings, but at a certain time (I can't precisely remember what I did) I get an error "andorid.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" so, as suggested by someone in this forum, I deleted my contacts data and synced them again.
After this I got all my old sms back! :)))

Ok, I was very happy until I decided to test the wifi connectivity (*now* I know it's still buggy): the phone started to reboot over and over, until I performed again a full wipe (as suggested in this forum again).
So, I've restored a second time all my datas, but now I can't figure out how I managed to recover my sms.
I know they have to be somewhere... but where? :rolleyes: