New Can't Set Apn: Access Point Name Settings Are Not Available For This User

Apr 29, 2014
Device: Xiaomi Mi2s
Version: 5.4.10

Just did a fresh install of this version (using MiFlash), after having Mokee rom for a while. But everything works except setting the APN. I already tried rebooting, taking the sim out and putting it in again (with reboots), turning off data and enabling it after 30 secs, changing mode (3g-->2g), etc. but I still can't do anything about it. Anyone got a suggestion?

Apr 29, 2014
It took a few hours, but I figured it out.

Step 1. Root your Xiaomi (I used this guide:, if it says it's already rooted, but it isn't, just re-root it.
Step 2. Install a root file manager
Step 3. Open it, and go to the root (Should have folders like acct, bin, cache, config, data etc.)
Step 4. Go to Data --> Data --> --> databases
Step 5. Delete the telephony.db file
Step 6. Your phone will give 1 or 2 errors, but the file will be generated anew and you can add an APN (even if it still displays the message).
Aug 25, 2014
I have the same error, The phone is rooted, Kingo ROOT said Root Succeeded

On my MI2S there is no folder in Data -->

If i try to create a folder then "operation failed". Run Android 5.02 and MIUI 5.4.24

Any suggestions, really need data.