Cant Update, Backup, Etc.

Mar 23, 2016

I wanted to switch from Global ROM Stable to the Chinese ROM but when trying to update through the phone with "Choose update package" I get this message:
Can't Verify Update
Couldn't verify update package.

When clicking "Download Update" it says:
Can't download update
Wait a minute or two and try again.

MiPCSuite doesn't work at all and MiUnlocker says "Phone not supported" even when the phone is not connected to the PC. Is this a message because my account didn't get approved for an unlocked bootloader yet?

I know you are not the official xiaomi support but I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong?
Oct 28, 2015
I have the same ROM on my newly bought RN3 Pro;

MIUI Global 7.1 Stable (LHOCNCL)

Build number LMY47V

I would like to flash to weekly (eventually) but I am not entirely sure about the flash step-bystep procedure linked above by mephike. My phone is brand new out the box and not bricked or anything, do I need to go through the whole step-by-step procedure or just certain parts?

I presume my phone is bootlocked - any way to check?

Many thanks for any help you can provide guys.
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Oct 28, 2015
Be very careful, watch when trying to flash this ROM. There are TWO Developer options you need to change, not one. First is enable USB debugging, then you must allow OEM unlocking (its on the same settings page) otherwise you end up with a Boot Looped RN3 like me!
Jun 12, 2016
I also had this MIUI ROM pre-installed on my RN3. I was able to flash the V7.3.2.0.LHOCNDD Stable Chinese ROM through MiPhone Recovery flash. But with that ROM I didn't have GApps. So I tried updating it to the Stable Global and trying to put the phone in EDL mode bricked it. I only get the MI logo appearing. Using the testpoint method I am able to flash the Stable Global Rom but whenever rebooting it only shows the MI logo and nothing else.

Anybody has any idea?

Btw my bootloader is locked.