Can't Update Encryted Mi Note Pro

Apr 30, 2016
l flashed 7.2 leo eu rom and encrypted the phone. But now i found that there is no "decrpyt" option. Moreover, recently 7.3 rolled out in eu. l downloaded (root folder) and tried to flash thru updater app. The process hangs up at retrieving info stage. Ok, i said and rebooted to TWRP. Well Twrp asked for my pass as greeting and i provided my 4 digit pin. Voila, it... failed. Says passcode is wrong. lnteresting because it works in the normal system boot and in all other cases when it is needed. l wiped cache ( not to lose data) selected install but now i cant find any where the long named zip file ( in file explorer it is visible at root) Anybody has any clue on what is going on and how to solve

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