Cant Upgrade To Latest Weekly, Phone Reboots To Same Build

Apr 2, 2016
Hi Folks,
Seeking help understanding why when i am trying to update to latest weekly build on unlocked RMN 3 is not going successfully after it did succeed several builds ago. Since the successful occasion in which i managed to update to Weekly build 6.4.7 the following 2 builds (hennessy) 6.4.28 and 6.5.5 failing and the device doesnt show any error, it just reboots back to the same build.
The steps i am taking are:
1. download the weekly build from the links published in this website
2. copy the ROM file to the device
3. now in the device - going to settings --> about phone --> system update --> choose update package
4. selecting the correct ROM
nothing happens.
can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong?