Car mount for Mi4


Dec 5, 2014
In this thread we can share knowledge about Mi4 car mounts.

I haven't found any good car mount yet, only universal ones like these:

In my opinion these universal car mounts suck... Your phone never fits in 100%, and putting your phone into the mount or getting it out is a hassle.

My experience with previous phones has taught me that car mounts don't have to be expensive, but they should fit your phone like a glove. The car mount on the picture below (for a Samsung Galaxy i9000) is cheaper than $10, but it mounted my old i9000 for years without a problem.

I have been looking for days now to find a good car mount for my new Mi4, but without success..
Please share the method you guys use to mount your Mi4's in your car, so we can help out new Mi4 owners like myself...