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Mar 11, 2016
Hey there,

I'm new here and new with XIAOMI phone... The phone has a ROM named stable but I need to change safely to a ROM
Pleease, someone can help me?

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Mar 13, 2016
Download ROM - latest weekly and install it via updater.
Link for all phones in your case use hermes

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Varvaris, so you're saying you can install a developer ROM via updater app, directly from that unoficial china stable ROM? It shouldn't be needed TWRP? Cause of signature fail error.

I'm more or less in same situation, and looking for a way to go to a developer from that ROM ( stable china) as simple as possible, and preferably doing all steps through phone.

So far, from what I gathered it seems I won't be able to put TWRP through mirecovery (well, it does, but after restats it goes back to mirecovery instead of TWRP) and then directilly install a dev ROM.
Thing is, info is still a bit disperse and multiplied, that is hard to understand what would be the ideal method to change ROM.

I know as well that beta 6.2.25 ROM has TWRP included. Would it be possible to just install this ROM directly from mirecovery from that room mentioned above? Or you can't go from a stable unrooted ROM to a beta without TRWP by any means?

Also, that link it's not working, but it's not hard to find a link to those developer ROMs download.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Nov 8, 2015
Than download twrp from the site below and rename it to (put it on root) and install it via updater or flashify.apk (use file way over twrp or cwm if you use zip file or you can download twrp.img and install direct on flashify as recovery img) or use the longer way on the site below via PC. Have a nice day.

First reboot takes 10-15 min. Be patient

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Mar 13, 2016
Just a simple question. I've seen that most tutorials for changing ROM via fastboot method refer to computer OS windows 7 or above. If I manage to work on a computer with windows vista will I be able to do that fastboot method to change ROM?

Also, I'm considering the option to root the Redmi Note 2 with Root Genius (will it run properly on windows vista? And will computer recognize the RN2?) and then install TWRP through update app. Then with TWRP change ROM to the desired one (developer by

So basically, will I manage to follow those methods using a windows vista computer? Or I may risk brick the phone?

Thanks in advance for any info
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