Change Rom

Mar 13, 2017
To install the gloabl you have to lock the bootloader but if you bought the phone from China you can't lock the bootloader and use the Global. With the new stores in Europe, Xiaomi blocked the purchase from China and use in EU or other countries to avoid people to spend less and problem with warranty
Dec 22, 2016
Deplorable battery life and device performance since 2-3 versions with my Mi5s.
Tried soon to make a wipe, to make a clean install, different configs (bluetooth on/gps off, gps on/bluetooth off..) tried. with an w/o conncetion to my Amazfit Bip.....
nothing changed.
About 2-3h Screen or about 16h on stanby with less use.
The device can't move the PUBG Mobile with the lowest graphics config without lag (good internet connection, german 50Mb wifi).

I was a big defensor of the MIUI layer..... but i'm thinking to move to LineageOS. There's no big updates for this device from .eu (and will not change).....