charging light turns green when charged to 90%

Mar 12, 2011
It seems to happen too and a known bug in CM7 roms.
The charging led turns green when battery is charged to 90%, but keeps on charging to 100%.
Its just the notification ( green led) that doesn't match with the charge status ( 100%).
Clearing battery stats and removing them doesn't solve issue.
Also when i updated to 1.4.15 i did a setup from scratch and i should have a clear battery stats file.
I updated to 1.4.22 and the bug persists.
Its not a big deal though, because the battery charge to full and on switch pro widget icon i can see its fully charged.
Anyway if it could be solved in future Roms it would be nice.
Mar 12, 2011
scottb,On a website where they posted miui roms and also cm7 Roms they stated in the buglist this problem. ( it seems to be clear that they don't know about this "feature")
Second , you say it is intended this way , can you explain the purpose for this behavior. The charge led is useless then because the status is not accurate.

reaper 7881, my phone charge to 100% for sure, as I type this my batt. is at 93% and disconnected for several hours.
Also my sense Rom didnt had this led-charge behaviour.

edit, i did read some posts at XDA about this matter and yes it isn't a bug, and like i said it doesn't bother me that much.
Still i don't get it why it is intended like this, no one can explain the purpose of it.

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Apr 23, 2011
AOSP rom is designed that way, and reason why you didn't had that kind of behaviour on Sense is because Sense isn't AOSP rom :)