Contacts and Dialer/Phone and Messaging app are not working properly (MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM, Poco F3)


Dec 22, 2021
I've installed MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM on my Poco F3 last week and found that I have issues with 12.5.
On the Phone app, the contacts under contacts tab is always stuck in "Contact list is being updated", so I can't import my .vcf file that contains all my contacts. Also, I don't see any call history/call logs, so there's only "No recent contacts" in the phone tab.
As for the Messaging app, it crashes on launch.
Are there any fixes for them or temporary alternatives? It's my first ever install, and I tried clearing all data and cache of the apps and restarting the phone, but it didn't fix the issues.
I'd like to report this in the Bugs forum if there's no fix for it.

Edit: I don't how it got fixed, but everything went back to normal when I wiped the data via twrp recovery.
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