New Contacts are disappearing randomly


Dec 14, 2018
Hi, I am on PocoF2 PRO Global.
Tested stable Android 10, Android 11 et also beta with the same problem.

I am using an exchange account to sync email contacts and calendar. It was working fine on stock rom and also working fine on my poco F1 with rom.
There, when adding the account it is synching and I can view my contacts in the xiaomi dialer but after few hours, contacts have disappeared.
If I foce synching, randomly it can appear again but will disappear quickly.

On stock rom with the account added as exchange in gmail, I have all my contacts synched and remaining without issue.

I have found that disabling mi cloud solved the issue once but the day after, it disappeared again.

It is like if the synching process was clearing every cache and not updating correctly.

For now, I went back to stock because as you can imagine contacts are important but as I was happy with rom, I except to come back in this communauty ..

Team, thanks from France.

PS : for french uses, please forget the POCO F2 facebook group, for moderators this is not an issue, must be because they don't know what is exchange and what are the benefits ...