Jan 10, 2012
Normal humans would think of Friday as the entrance to the weekend, the day when you come home put your feet on the table, pull out a beer and start scratching different parts of your body. (I was thinking of the belly you perv!)

But to others, friday is the start of something else...
Friday morning some strange creatures will start emerging from theyr caves, looking for the nearest device to take control over.
Some say they are taller then buildings, others whisper rumors about them beeing able to control your mind....
For the moment beeing I can see 318 dark creatures gathered for one purpose only!
But we are not taller then buildings, and the only mind we are able to control is your CPU. Though I recon in many cases that tends to be the only brain some have, simply if you love cats THAT much you should consider meeting humans more often. Or if you think we should leave Britney Spears alone, well... then we are able to mind control you.

318+ people are gathered at the same location non-stop spamming ctrl+f5, and when the number changes on the right side of the screen a new world record will be set!
The world record of nerd-gasm, well maby it wont be a new record but it wont be too far from it.

Nice to see so many people who are sitting around waiting for the news just like myself ;)

And you know what they say, Thank God It's Friday!
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