Custom ROM based on Stable 13 - Redmi Experience WCDMA Final Edition ®

Nov 17, 2013
Hi all. I have created my first custom ROM for my Hongmi/RED Rice WCDMA phone. I will share my work with you

My ROM is based on Stable 13 (older version 5) and tested from users

  • Added ROOT rights - integrated in MIUI Security
  • Deodex
  • Gravity BOX - Xposed removed
  • SIM Toolkit, Mobile Uncle Tools, WSM Manager, Mi Tools + modules to disable erase encrypted APPS, ES File Explorer
  • You can choice standart keyboard from MULTI ROM or Xperia swype keyboard
  • Adobe Flash player removed (not working)
  • Host patched + AdAway integrated. No more ADDS.
  • Android Weather - no reload launcher
  • GPS a EPO fix changed and use Slovakia. Faster GPS. Better as Russian servers
  • SMS fixed
  • More operators added 1000 als Stock 5 edited spn-conf.xml
  • Moded Filesystem. Switched integrated SD card and external SD card.
  • No hard customized. ROM is nearly Stable 5 as posible. Only better.
  • Youtube removed
  • Camera mod from MIUI Ultimate ROM for WCDMA Hongmi // based on my FLY IQ446 mod created by sta-s2z
    video stabiliazation, soud on-of when focusing, record to .mp4 format
  • replaced internal memory and SD card (better script for Stable 5)


  • 12.04.2014 vesion 4.3.2
  • 1. Full integrated Viper Sound MOD
    2. Custom Settings menu - edited Settings.apk (added shortcut to Viper and Accounts synchronize menu )
    3. Removed Google keyboard.
    4. Improved proximity senzor
    5. Vold.fstab from Stable 13
    5. Minor canges in build.rop
    6. Fixed 3G stability. Back to Stable 5 base03.04.2014 RC version 4.4.0
    1. Full integrated Viper Sound MOD
    2. Custom Settings menu - edited Settings.apk (added shortcut to Viper and Accounts synchronize menu )
    3. Removed Google keyboard.
    4. ROM is ODEXed
    5. Vold.fstab from Stable 13
    6. Minor changes in build.prop

  • 1. Root enabled in MIUI security
  • 2. Xperia T swype keyboard
  • 3. GPS a EPO
  • 4. All included APPs from older version, removed com.modaco.xposed.phonesky.noencryption module and Adaway
  • 5. 15 MB moded Host. No need Adaway. working free Tapatalk
  • 6. Removed e3 stock Recovery and script
  • 7. Moded Google Play
  • 8. Cleaner, Optimize ...
This ROM is Multilingual.
MTK_PRODUCT_LOCALES = en_US es_ES zh_CN zh_TW ru_RU pt_BR fr_FR de_DE tr_TR it_IT in_ID ms_MY vi_VN ar_EG  th_TH ldpi xhdpi hdpi mdpi  pt_PT  nl_NL el_GR hu_HU tl_PH ro_RO cs_CZ ko_KR iw_IL my_MM km_KH hdpi

New Settings menu in 4.4.0 and 4.3.2

Odexed Rom = +fast -difficult_customization +more_battery_life +better_stability +less_ram_utilization
Deodexed Rom = -slow +customization -less_battery_life -less_stability -worse_ram_manager


1. Make a full BACKUP( CWM , TWRP)
2. Factory Reset
3. Wipe System partition
4. Install ROM from .zip archive

Stable ROM

Redmi Experience 4.3.2 WCDMA - DEODEX 390 MB cca!Ek0hHYZJ!E-Pd_U_XLugXFgnbSXtaHmbYDtU5PRTKKliSZy_-QNY

OTA support


Install .zip from CWM or TWRP

OTA is on test . Tomorow will fix it. Now you have always notifaction about new version.

New APP on APP drawer (desktop)

After launch you got this

Beta ROM - RC
Redmi Experience 4.4.0 ODEX (based on Stable 5 WCDMA)!00FUlBSa!WR0rc6cEi0N1FNH79Cyf7WWvnguoWSN-1XpUf2s9628

Known Bugs 4.4.0

Rebuild Dalvik Cache on every reboot (2-5 seconds)
Bugs from Stable 5

This is BETA ROM. Only for Testing. No for Daily use !!!!
New version based on latest Stable 13


Older version!Q8UjBKCZ!wf_tzY2_3iTDgHFwxxZ7aNOlsZ5opOsJMW_Yo3CmnNc
Copy ROM to SD card
Boot to CWM or TWRP

Wipe ALL Data / Factory reset

Install ROM - Install zip from sdcard - Chose zip from sdcard and choice Honghmi Experience 4.3.1 Final

From my older version or Stable 5, 13 Wipe not required

How to increase volume?

Start Mobile Uncle with Root permisionss . Go to - Enginner Mode - Enginner Mode (MTK) - Hardware Audio - Headset Mode Choice volume 5 press SET, change volume to 160 again SET. Volume will LOUD. Working without restart. Volume ist set pernament.

Reboot and enjoy

About Antutu score.
Stable 13 - 15474
4.3.0 - 15841
4.3.1 - 15657
4.3.2 - 15883
4.4.0 - 15280

Old score from Ultimate ROM

1. 16163
2. 16414
3. 16128
3 test . Ultimate ROM is based on Stable 4. This is normal score for old Stable 4. Antutu benchamrk is stupid test
Dont stress for your score, Antutu score says nothing about ROM, is only number.
Antutu benchmark is realy stupid test. You can this values change build.prop

Beta Testers :

Bullitt, eswe, ax1qwer,, vorry

You can Donate
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Aug 5, 2011
ok thanks.
flashing as we speak

I'm flashing the rom and the patch one immediatly after the other without rebooting in twrp
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Aug 5, 2011
lolol I use MIUI for 4 years now I know the corners of the house thanks.
no PT-PT here.
Theres only one Portuguese and its Brazilian which I don't like at all.
To proud to use that sorry m8


Aug 5, 2011

- Very fast and smooth. Using Google play store this smoothness is quite noticeable.
- I did not noticed any battery drain, but didn't use it long enough.

- No PT-PT language
- Camera, no focus sound and no video stabilisation option
- Volume control widgets are bugged. Tested several.
- No notifications with tapatalk
- Couldn't test Gravity BOX as always when executing always failed to download or install something and FC
- Why Xposed and WSM Tools? It’s redundant
- Always losing the Xposed Disabler privileges therefore when reboot paid apps, gone...
- Mi-Tools FC at some point of customization
- Root privileges in native app means to give privileges to an app we have to say yes about 5 times

My opinion, very nice rom, especially because it’s so smooth and fast. It’s a pleasure going from one place to another, it’s almost instantly.
You should get rid many of these useless and redundant apps, add PT-PT language, correct the volume issue that causes bug when we try to use a volume widget.
The bugs mentioned for me are enough to uninstall the rom therefore didn’t test further, like GPS, Bluetooth, tethering, etc,

Nevertheless, nice try and I hope you keep the work and share with us to test it. I certainly will
Nov 17, 2013
ROM updated to 4.3.0 bugs removed. Sorry :oops:
to billythekid - i think no. I dont have TD, in my country is useeles. i cant test my work. Cooking this ROM is not hard. I can make TD version. Wait for test my latest relase.
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Aug 5, 2011
rom tested.
as soon as booted I reboot into recovery and restore a backup.
no PT-PT language.
having roms with PT-PT language I won't even waste time testing others.
thanks anyway