Custom ROM or not for better battery life and performance?


Jan 11, 2022

There are some search results, but I still have this unsolved information conflict in my mind about this. Please help!

I have Xiaomi mi 11 Lite 5G. It goes from 100% to 92% in 12h being idle and screen off. 40% of that is "Cell Standby", 23% "Google Play Services" and 6% "Other". In addition to this, I had and still have a Samsung J5 from 2015. Had its battery draining years ago until I rooted it and manually googled + erased many running processes. Also installed greenify with root priviledges (auto kills chosen apps from background after use). That trick did wonders. Currently it has a second battery that is already many years old and I only charge it max two times a week. Sometimes one!

What is the best way to go for me? I am ready to throw away my ability to use banking app on my phone if I have to. After all a new phone that has to be charged once each two days is a broken new phone in my mind.

Thank you!
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