Cyanogenmod 11 for Mi-1

May 10, 2012
With the way that xiaomi and the android ecosystem it is we are always behind in android updates unless we have nexus device, but here at least we have an option at XDA iptux released a beta version of CM for mi-1

Im trying it, currently its working fine, with M1cha and rtfpessoa CWM recovery there are so many options that previously we dont have first TrueDualBoot we can have both CM 10.1 and latest Miui V5 on the same device.

Right now i have CM 10.1 on system 1 (thats the only way it works) and latest Miui V5 on system 2

I am impressed with the quality and even if its beta it felt more polish than xiaomi own 4.1 AOSP, everything works so far from camera, wifi to the camera button among other things. I think that for a BETA rom its pretty stable, im really looking foward for future android 4.3 update or cm 10.2

For instagram user let me tell you that instagram works great on the mi-1 with miuiv5 we couldnt even record a video and now with cm 10.1 we can use instagram without crashing. Google apps works great, no issue of crashing with google talk

Remember to never install delta updates because it mess with CWM recovery, so be careful, follow the instruction in the links

Link at XDA

CM 11

CM 10.2


CWM Recovery
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Oct 22, 2012
nice, i've been using the Beta3, seems ok so far.. haven't got any issue.

flashed it using cwm

side note: when i use the cwm to wipe user data and stuff, it doesn't seem to wipe my google login data...dont know why..all the apps and data is still there.
May 10, 2012
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May 10, 2012
So 3G is working on this rom? And how is battery life? Better then MIUI?
3G its working so its edge or 2g the only thing lacking its a decent radio app (the one i posted works but have its issues) and a decent camera app (aosp or stock camera have no HDR mode).

other than that i feel a more clean experience with almost the latest android, miui its taking so much time to update its base to latest android version.

I missing a lot of miui features, but lockscreen widgets and improved notification its a must (introduced on 4.2 and 4.3) hopefully xiaomi start working on kitkat
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May 10, 2012
Iptux released the first alpha of cyanogenmod 11 based on Android 4.4.1 Kitkat

link with the information

Almost everything works but no video record and screenshot option.

Also there its a need to repartition the whole thing because the partition its pretty limited, i myself repartioned to 270 mb now he suggest to push it over 320mb

Even miuiandroid here its having so much issue with current partition state that could not include gapps on current weekly build.

I guess we have to find a easy way to solve this problem once for all im still wonder why xiaomi couldnt do it once we moved to miuiv5 JB in the first place...
Jan 28, 2014
oh well i just found out something that works very well as a radio app that use the radio antena its called spirit FM, normally there are no radio apps on any AOSP roms only on miui

i tested on my mi-one in latest cm rom

here the screen shot
could you tell me how to make it works? I was trying changing the audio settings and I have no sound I only get an error.