New Danish translation is missing or lacks.

Oct 5, 2012
Hi there
I'm using the danish translation from the multi language pack with the Nexus S phone with MIUI 2.10.12

In the statusbar when choosing danish, the name of the day is also written ex. Monday. This pushes the X button over the edge of the screen so it's partly shown.

In the Calendar app there are missing a lot of translation. The months are spelled in English and the days in the week overview and others. If you are danish you know.

When the countdown in the Clock app has reach it's goal, it says something in danish that can't be said (Har det)'s wrong, you can't say that just like that...

I'm a IT-engineer my self and could change it, but I don't know who I shall contact to be a part of the MIUI translation team...

I hope you can fix it and direct me to the right people, to be a developer on this great ROM...
Best regards