Default App To Change Album Images


Jul 25, 2017

yesterday I was editing some information about songs on my phone and I was changing album images, but accidentally I've pressed wrong app after choosing "Make this app default" (or something like that, I hope you know what I mean), and now I cannot change it. :/ I was trying to delete all data from my music player (it's default music player installed with MIUI from, deleting cache as well, nothing happened, still cannot change this default app. Any ideas how to solve my problem?

And yeah, I was searching for that problem but didn't find anything similar, I hope you will be able to help me. Also, there is nothing in "Default apps" in "Settings".

My phone is Redmi 4X, if it matters, and MIUI is 7.7.20.


May 4, 2014
What file type are you talking about?
Anyways, you can go into that apps info page and clear defaults from there.
If that doesn't work, you can reset default from the installed apps settings and see if it helps.
Lastly, there are apps in play store that can re modify your defaults. See if any of these help.

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