Dialer codes for cellular network frequencies

Aug 8, 2012

The device supports only one of the two frequencies that my cellular network provides, thus I believe that this situation makes my battery problematic as the device scans the other frequency.

I want to limit this to only one frequency that my network supports.

Do you know if there are dialer codes which provide this access?



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Aug 20, 2011
If Mi2 supports only one frequency that your provider has then it won't connect to the second one.
The phone connects to the network that has higher and stronger signal at the moment. It doesnt matter if theres 2 frequencies to choose or more. If its connected then it doesnt search another frequencies.

But this doesnt affect on battery. It depends on network usage (download/upload) and signal status changes (low/high).

On Mi2 to get more battery try some methods posted over Mi2 thread like changing power profile to saving mode or use automatic brightness. Another one is to delete or block apps that you don't need to be connected to network automatically. Disable apps auto sync etc. Change governor or cpu speed via SetCPU app. There's much more important bettery eater sources than changing network frequencies i guess.
Jan 29, 2013
He means Service Mode, like *#2263# 0r *#0011# for Samsung, where one can define and view low level stuff.

If there is no or intermittent cellular coverage, the MI2 consumes 12%/h. This looks like a bug.

Are there alternative radios for the device ?