Different Serial Number in box/ phone

May 11, 2013
Hi, I've just bought an original Xiaomi Mi3. I know it is original, no doubt about it.
But I checked everything and while the IMEI number is correct, the Serial number that shows the phone differs from the one in the box.
What could this mean? Just a mistake (typo?)? Or maybe this could mean that the phone is refurbished, or something like that? The sim card tray looked a bit like it was used, it had one extreme a bit bent...
IMG_20140530_132640.jpg Screenshot_2014-05-29-20-15-48.png
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Feb 18, 2014
@deini: This is one of the things I asked when in March I went to the Xiaomi service center in Shanghai. The clerk was completely surprised about this, contacted a technican and was told that the serial number you get when you dial that special code is not related to the serial number on the stickers which are attached to the phone or the box. Think of it as the serial number of the motherboard of your computer and the serial number of the computer itself.
In other words: This _IS_ ok and normal.
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