Discover the fake


Oct 14, 2012
Warning to online buyers!!
Check always if your phone is original!
If you bought your phone on ********** confirm your order only after checking if everything works and if it's a original one.
A order made with Paypal allows you to open a dispute 45 days from the payment

Safe sellers list check this
I wrote this post to help people to recognize xiaomi clones, lets see if it works
I used some info and images from this forum and some google searches.

How to Discover a fake in 30 sec

Speedy steps:

- wrongly placed proximity sensor, mi button, volume buttons to official images of xiaomi
- Dual sim slot and different battery slot
- A nonQualcomm cpu and Adreno GPU (fake usually have MTK cpu and PowerVR gpu)
-No Mi recovery or a different fastboot logo (fake usually have a textual recovery and an android logo in fastboot )

To check your cpu and gpu with Hw info, this is what you should get :

Known fakes

Case 1

Differences Front side

- wrong placed proximity sensors on the right of speaker (m1 has it on the left)
- mi button placed in mid of right side (m1 has it at the bottom of the left side)
- volume buttons placed on the left side (m1 has them on the right side)

Back side

- Dual sim slot (m1 has 1 sim)
- different size battery and battery slot (m1 battery is smaller, and has a different logo)
- speaker placed on the top of the phone (m1 speaker is on the bottom)


This fake doesn't have the Mi Recovery but a textual one
This clone has a Mediatek cpu (MT or MTK) xiaomi hones have Qualcomm cpu

Case 2

Xiaomi m1 c2000

Differences front side

as case 1

- wrong placed proximity sensor on the right
- mi button on the mid of the right side
- volume buttons on left side

Back side

- dual sim slot
- completely different battery slot and battery size

This phone boats a Mediatek cpu (MT or MTK)

Xiaomi m1 c2000 fake phone video



Oct 14, 2012
Case 3

Xiaoxiaomi M2 One Plus


This phone looks like a xiaomi m1

Front side

- no MI logo in the left corner
- microusb port placed on the bottom of the phone
The phone doesn't run miui.

Back side

- no back xiaomi logo
- different battery slot (see video)

This phone boats with a Mediatek cpu (MT or MTK)ù

More images of this fake

XiaoXiaomi M2 fake phone video

Case 4

Xiaomi m1s clone

On this forum we spot a new fake m1s that is totally looking as a real m1s, so don't assume that your m1s or m1s young is original from one sight.

Front side

- it runs a a fake miui rom
- quite big front camera (m1s front camera and prox sensor are smaller)

Back side

The are 2 way to discover if you have a clone or the original m1s
- fastboot or recovery
- imei

You should get something like that:


Mi Recovery

The FAKE have a textual recovery:

- it boats with a MTK 6575 cpu (MT or MTK)


Check if the back of your phone says:
- Xiaomi mi one plus and imei "867746016577413" like this,366

- Xiaomi m1s imei "867746016577579" like this

Case 5

xiaomi miV13

A another fake xiaomi found on this forum thanks to nagarj to share his bad experience

Box and box content



Fake box is white and named mi v13
bigger and white power charger
White headphones included (xiaomi doesn't include headphones)
white usb cable
smaller battery
instructions with android logo

Front side


Wrong placed proximity sensor
nearly centered power button
no mi button
mi two similar volume balancer

Back side


Different and wrong placed camera
wrong placed flash led
wrong placed speaker
wrong xiaomi site (this domain is yet avaible XD )

the phone has dual sim slot
wrong placed sd card slot (mi two is ingle sim and no sdcard slot)

Miui, Fastboot and Recovery

Different bootlogo
No miui running on it
textual recovery (no mi recovery)
common android fastboot mode (no mitu logo)


Oct 14, 2012
@nagaraj sorry but i am sure you havce a fake xiaomi

wrong site on the backside of the phone which is claerly not the xiaomi site

wrong located flash and audio speaker, No mi button and wrong located sensor on the frontside of the phone

where did you bought this clone?

Thanks for the shots i will add them soon to this thread


Mar 29, 2012
Yeah its fake im so sorry.
Just picture 1, 2, 4 and the picture of box content tells me its fake. The box is wrong. this is the correct box and yours look all wrong.
Nothing about it has been made correct many fakes look very correct and real and this is a easy fake to spot when you now what to look for.
boot logo is wrong also it should say Xiaomi with "gold" letters


Jan 2, 2013
will post th details of the shop etc where the phone was bought. i dont have the details with me right now. thanks for all your help and concern. lets try and prevent these fake sellers from duping more people in this way. ( blackstones - i had not seen an original till the time i bought this phone. in fact i havent seen one even now. but i had heard the name of the company and hence got duped - should say - rather easily. i have learnt my lesson and will be careful hence forth )


Feb 7, 2011
Fake products based on prominent brands in China is fairly common. It is always good to be careful and do some research before making a purchase.


Sep 9, 2013
Got my M-1s in the mail today. It is an original, not a fake. I compared it to several photos here and it is a legit Xiaomi. Needless to say I am pleased. It shows current rom is ICS 30. And that there is the latest is ICS .40