New Does service and feedback feature work?


Feb 28, 2020

I own a Courbet device (Mi 11 lite 4G)

Currently I'm having trouble adding attachments to e-mail apps. (I've tried k-9 mail and obviously Gmail), both of them crash when I try adding attachments to the messages.

Yet there's another bug that was triggered by that incapacity to add attachments.

And this is the inability to use the built in "services & feedback" from the current ROM for my device (currently stable 12.5 version). (Anyone with similar problems?)

Well, when I've tried to report this from the included feature of the ROM called "services & feedback, the system (phone) doesn't complete the report and on the contrary, after dwelling some time to send the phone interface eventually freezes and had to be force rebooted...

(Does this sound familiar)/??