Downgrade MIUI12.5, android 11 to MIUI10, android 9


May 6, 2022
Hello everyone, I am new here on the forum, so please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place.

I have a smartphone "Redmi note 8 - ginkgo", he is in version miui12.5, android 11. This version was installed cleanly through orange fox, but even so it is very slow, the system can not hold the applications in the background, is a matter of 30-60 seconds in the background and when I return to them, already reload, in addition, the Wi-Fi is disconnecting alone.

So I thought about downgrading:
Researching deep, I discovered something related to anti rollback (ARB) implemented in android 8+. Both the rom installed on the phone and the rom you want to install, have ARB, and some sites said that if the ARB of the rom you want to install is equal or greater, you can install normally, if it is less than the ARB of the rom installed on the phone, high risk of brick.

I wonder if the only rule that prevents downgrading is only this anti rollback, or if there is something else that I don't know.

My RN8 smartphone has antirollback (1), and the rom that I would like to install "miui 10, android 9" has antirollback (1), in theory you can flash through "XiaomiADBFastbootTools" or "mi flash" no problem right?

Remembering that I am trying to move from android 11 to android 9, I can do this?

I would like to downgrade from miui 12.5, android 11 to miui 10, android 9 for performance reasons. I have antirollback same as the rom i want to install and also have unlocked bootloader with orange fox installed.

Sorry if some sentences don't make sense, I am using translation software