New Duplicate Contacts Issue

Mar 10, 2012
Just upgraded to miui 2.10.26 and gmail contacts sync is causing multiple duplicate entries, some with as many as 2500 duplicates. I disconected the phone from the internet and used the"find and merge duplicates" facility via gmail on my laptop which sorted them out, but then the phone made the duplicates again once connected and stays on syncing contacts forever as i presume it is reading the thousands of duplicates.
Anyone any ideas as this is rendering my phone useless.
Desire HD Miui 2.10.26 Ics.
May 24, 2012
Are you sure you only have one Google account with contacts enabled? Are there local (or SIM) contacts displayed as well?

Use: Contacts | context click menu | Contacts to display
to make sure you're only showing one set of contacts stored from a location (local, google account 1, google apps account1 etc.).

If you're viewing all contacts it's harder to tell were all the dupes come from.