Earbuds Issue

Mar 27, 2016

Received my phone last weekend and enjoying it greatly (Redmi 3 Pro) but there's an issue.

I use my phone for music a lot when I'm on the move as I don't fancy carrying an extra iPod. I've got a decent set of earbuds (Klipsch S3) without volume controls. My phone however seems to think that every set of earbuds has those and I can't turn off the setting where you can control your volume or music playback with the earphones.

Now here's the weird thing, as soon as the jack moves inside the phone it thinks it's me pressing a button, so my music volume will constantly go up and down or stop completely. It's VERY annoying. Because it's in the phone settings itself it means it does it using any music app. The earbuds work fine in my other phone, laptop and pc.

Is anyone experiencing this same problem and maybe someone has a fix?