EEA or Global ROM for Chinese Mi11 Ultra?!


Dec 13, 2021
Good day, My father recently ordered a Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra Chinese version and now unfortunately there are significant problems with the installed software (this is the Community ROM). Therefore I would like to ask if there is a possibility of an Official Xiaomi Global or Europe EEA Rome that are compatible with the hardware of the Chinese model of the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra. Do you maybe even have a source from which we can download the appropriate rom? Furthermore, I would like to know whether there is the possibility to close the bootloader after the installation or during the installation process and which program you recommend for the installation. I would be very happy if you could help me further. Thank you in advance and best regards


Jun 11, 2020
Hello, you can have a look here :

There are some tips down on the page about how to flash but I'll repeat some of them here :
- You should not lock the bootloader if you are not using a stock Chinese ROM, it will brick the phone !
- By default, Xiaomi Flash seems to lock the bootloader, so uncheck the option before flashing a Global ROM (again, it would brick the phone !)

Maybe you should just update your EU ROM. I would not recommend the weekly for your father, since he bought it preinstalled, I guess he is not ready for the issues with A12 and MIUI13 beta.

Here is the EU stable thread :

In any case, backup data before doing anything.