Error for ROM memory full on MI2s

Nov 7, 2014
Hi all,
I have a problem on my mi2s with miui v5: from last 2 rom update the phone allert me that in non space in rom for update any application but if i go in file manager i see that i have more than 18GB available.
I tried to clear cache but the problem persist.

Do somebody know how to resolve the problem?

I've sow also one other problem but I don't know if it's connected: if I try to install a rom with android kitkat (miui v6 or also cm 11) the phone don't work, it crashes on start-up.

Aug 20, 2013
You have to look at /system partitons, if you need more space you can make repartiton with M1cha's script.

Crashes during startup are usually caused by used, who is not following instructions.
Nov 7, 2014
Maybe I've found the problem: if I use the system cleanup application i see that I have 8.83 gb used and 20.26gb free, but if I select advanced i see the memory divided in internal and external. Here i see that the internal memory size is 4gb with only 139mb free and the external is 26gb with 20gb available.
So i understood that the 32gb of memory are divided in 4gb internal and around 28gb of external.
Now the problem is that all application are installed into internal memory.
How can I change the settings in way to use external memory for applications?

For the crashes I don't think to make some error installing roms because if I install the miui v4 (android 4.1) everything work good. If I understand reading some posts the problem is that isn't possible to install in one partition with android 4.1 and in the other android 4.4. I have to make wipe-reset factory of both partition before to install a rom with android 4.4. I'll try this but before to reset everything I would like to be more confident that this is the right solution.

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Nov 7, 2014
I solved the problem installing miui v.6.
Now I don't have the problem anymore.
But i don't know if the solution was the new rom or the reset of the phone memory made with the installation.
Jun 4, 2013
@MarcoMM , can you show the output of a 'df' from a terminal emulator? I dont think I've seen the partition layout of v6 yet, but what you're most likely seeing is just the storage cleaned up a bit due to upgrading the rom.

all the current roms (that i know of) for the mi2s do not support unified storage. this is why you are seeing multiple partitions, which is what is causing you the pain. the answers ive found so far seem to suggest that no roms for mi2s will support unified storage... but who knows? maybe the official 'non-special edition' of miui v6 might have unified storage. we can only hope!

fyi, if you look at partitions in mi3 or mipad or newer devices, you will see its unified storage.