Mar 19, 2014

i am located in Toronto and recently got a present from a friend for xiaomi tv box gen 2
plugged in and not knowing updated the firm ware to 1.30.20

now everytime i connect to internet the picture shows user not recongize.

any idea what i can do, or do i have to root it?

Please help!


Mar 20, 2014
I had the same problem.

It was connecting okay when the first time the box running (from Australia).

It was on firmware 1.3.13 then automatically changed to 3.1.20.

I reverted back to firmware 1.3.13 the "unknown user" error still appeared.

Does it mean that my MAC address was banned? I did press something on the MI menu, I think about registering IP address or something?

Please help. Thanks!
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Apr 22, 2013
yes mac banned by icntv
xiaomi is only sold in china and can only be used in mainland china according to customer support
you can install different launcher
Mar 20, 2014
Hey CityHunter,

Have you rooted your box? it is pretty easy. You can roll back to the factory default firmware (I think it should be firmware 3.1.13) then root it with RootGenius. Use SnapPea to install the 3rd party app.

To rollback to old firmware:
1. Unplug the DC adaptor cable.
2. Press and hold HOME + Menu button on the remote
3. plug back the power.

Don't lego the button until you see the menu Reboot, Wipe Cache, Wipe User Data, Wipe All Data.

Select Reboot, and select to reboot to system 1.

I installed Togic Video, XBMC and Rabbit Video on the box.

Actually there is an XBMC addon for Chinese Channels. Search it on fusion (XBMC Hub).

I just need a good launcher to launch XBMC at the startup.

I will try gamergod's suggestion.

Thanks gamergod!

Have fun!
Mar 23, 2014
try changing the DNS (under wireless network setting)

here is what worked for me (im in HK)

others i found off the internet (but havent tried)

hope something works for u!
Oct 21, 2014
Don't bother to watch icntv. Download cloudtv. There are many Chinese and English channels tv available for you to choose during the 2 days free trial. You can continue to use the apps to view free channels after the trial period. If you think the premium channels are good you can consider to subscribe for monthly or yearly.

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