New EVO3D/Shooteru/2.9.7/ Keyboard issue

Nov 2, 2011
For some reason I cannot turn off the prediction and word completion in the keyboard settings on the stock keyboard.
Never was able to do from the first build you have released. (I had no idea where to post bug reports, but via Twitter i've been guided here).

My phone is at the moment being reinstalled so I don't have a logcat, but I don't think that would be necessary.

Turn off prediction and word completion, leave the screen, go back into keyboard settings..and it all is enabled again.

That's it..that's the only bug I have encountered on my device, with all your MIUI ROM's so far :)
Jun 4, 2013
I had an issue with the keyboard too. Mine didn't work at all right from the start. I was able to install apk files though so I installed the only keyboard I had on my SD which was Hackers Keyboard after that I was able to use the keyboard. I would try to install a third party keyboard and see if that fixes it.

I have had a few problems myself but they can go on another thread.

but if you are wondering they are: Themes not loading from the built in app, and I cannot register for an account at xiaomi either. I tried with my computer just in case it was the app and from what I can tell it's either the site itself not working or that the web address is too long to be understood by Firefox, I say that because the error I got while trying to translate the main Chinese site and then navigate to the registration page that is what Google gave as an error. Without translate I just get the generic page not found result. Like when the page name doesn't exist or the servers are down completely and can't even show a broken server down page.

(honestly I don't know what triggers the differences I am just guessing based on my limited knowledge about webservers and being connected to them...damn now I have even more to learn than I did already grrr....)