Excesive RAM consumption in latest weeklys

Aug 17, 2012
In the latest versions for MI2a, RAM consumption has increased excessively, making applications close on their own, or even do not open. This also happens with the keyboard, which makes it unuseable rom

Anyone else happen? Anyone know how to correct this excessive memory usage? I can do anything?
Aug 17, 2012
Do not think that's it exactly. I think the cause is the data monitor or new features implemented.

with LJB33 I have 200-300 MB free memory without problems. But problems arise later releases and have about 90-100 MB.
All this with the same apps and the same version of Play Services.
Jul 26, 2014
Hey guys, i have the same problem. Apps close on their own, ram-hungry apps never open, playing music while having another app open is impossible. I really love miui and thats why i went with mi2a. I don't wanna flash another rom on my phone, so i was wondering if you guys know of a polished miui i could flash so i get rid of the problems. If not, i guess it's goodbye miui :(...
Dec 10, 2013
With CM 11 can use Clean Master ( for instance ) which keeps free Ram around 50% .
Did you notice the low GSM signal of at those CM11 version ? I notice it even into places where with Miui I have no problem to call.
Sep 12, 2013
I had the same problem. Only 100 Mb available.

My Mi2A run with truedualboot activated, but since 4.7.25 i've disabled the TDB and wipe data/system (miui backup before). And restore data only. Not System parameters.

Now i have 280Mb available and the battery drain is better.
Jan 6, 2015
Same here! The excessive ram consumption cause the background applications to close.
It happens very often that also the launcher closes and it show "Loading Launcher" for cca 3 sec.
Love MIUI and I hope it can be fixed soon ;)
I too was having this problem, ie, the launcher restarting all the time, losing notifications, etc... turns out, at least for me, the problem was not the low ram, but the MiKey app. I remembered it adding icons to the upper drawer lately, so i tried uninstalling it and... voilà, no more restarting MiHome.
The ram is still scarce though...