New Exchange Calendar

Aug 7, 2013

Since the new email app, my corporate Exchange calendar is not working anymore. It only seems to work now when you also sync email with your phone. This is not something I want ( i want my work calendar on my phone, but not my work email ).
Before, I just enabled "Sync calendar" on my corporate Exchange account, which worked. The behaviour doesn't change whether you use push email or sync every x minutes - the calendar only gets updated when you also sync mail.

Anybody else has this problem ? When you sync manually (by clicking "sync" in accounts) it also works.

How can I report this to the devs, or do they read here as well ?

A possible bypass (and even nice feature!) would be if you can exclude an email account from the combined view ....

I'm using 4.4.27 on an MI3 WCDMA.