Samsung External SD card issue

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by kero, May 10, 2012.

  1. kero

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    I have two issues with my external sd storage on my mobile ...

    1. Common issue but I didn't fing any persistant solution, unable to install larger applications (must first unmount external sd) ... is there any permanent solution for that ??
    It's a bit annoying.

    2. The second thing is even more annoying ... I'm not able to transfer my apps to external sd storage moving the apps always ends with: could not move app .... error

    Any ideas ??? Please !

    Thank you in advance
  2. ToxicToby

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    are you on GB or ICS ... and what kernel are you using ???
  3. Per-Einar Dahlen

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    If you flash e.g. SIYA kernel after you install MIUI, the problem should be fixed.
    Remember to reflash kernel if you flash MIUI again.

    (Hope they will fix this!)
  4. Kowalski

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    How to reactivate the a2sd on the Sg2? I have no more space...
  5. skylinerr34j

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    im having this sort of problem too. well mine is a bit different in some way. if i move apps to sd card it moves it to my external sd and creates a .andoid_secure folder with .asec apps in it!i don't want my apps to be moved in my external sd card becuase i use it to store media. i dont have this kind of mix up before,it seems that MIUI sees my external sd card as my internal sd and my internal sd as my external sd!its really annoying. im using MIUI 2.1.6 with siyah kernel please.
  6. seraph973

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    installing Siyah kernel used to work when i was on the old MIUI ROM.. now after the 2.6.8 and siyah kernel, it won't install to SD again

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