Facebook Account On Redmi 3

Jan 23, 2016
Again me with the problems... :)
I have installed the Facebook app on my phone but I can't get Facebook account to appear on the accounts settings. I have Twitter, GMail, work mail... But no Facebook. Because of that, I can't sybc my Facebook contacts. It's not such a big deal but I would be great to have Facebook profile pictures in my contacts list.

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Feb 11, 2016
I thought this was removed from android a long time / version ago. I remember doing this on GB but subsequent versions meant facebook couldn't do it any more.

I've used a program called sync.me (available on android). It tries to do far more than that but basically it can add facebook profile pics to your gmail contacts.

If you then have the sync of your gmail contacts set up it should add the images and then you can uninstall the app.