Feature Requests

Jan 7, 2012
Hey all,

Is there anywhere here or on en.miui that people can suggest new features? I have a few that I think would be really useful but don't know where to put them etc. Things like:

- Make the emoji font configurable/themeable (without root)
- Option to allow the carrier to be hidden on all screens, not just the home screen
- Option to not show the music at the top of the multi-tasking screen
- Option to hide the charging notification in the notification shade
- Option to change how folders are shown (e.g. Android native, iOS style etc)
- Option to re-name an app on the home page
- Option to set per app icons (without having to hack together your own personal theme)


I apologise if there is somewhere obvious I should put these. I did a site search for the word 'features' in the title and nothing came up.
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Jul 3, 2016
The main thing missing for me is for dual sim - contact association to a particular sim.

I use my phone for work and home and it is handy to have work contacts automatically associated with my work sim.

Currently I use Truephone, however if MIUI provided this feature, I wouldn't need it.

I try to keep 3rd party apps to a minimum.