Fingerprint not working ONLY on lockscreen (Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro Zoom)


May 23, 2021

Since i changed my motherboard, my fingerprint unlock sensor isn't working on my lockscreen.
When I put my finger in, the phone does the animation and vibrates but does not unlock. Even when I put a finger that is not added in the settings, I don't get an error, it vibrates and does the animation endlessly.
Nevertheless, on other applications (my bank's one, my password manager or even in the phone's settings to access some options (!!!)), the sensor works perfectly!
I went to check in the CIT, and the fingerprint tests pass perfectly too. I even tried several times to recalibrate the sensor, but the problem still persists.

This problem happens on MIUI 13 China (stock) and rom, and i tried multiple times to do a factory reset but nothing.
What can i do?