[FIX] Bluetooth turning on then off (8.11.15) [ROOT]


Oct 26, 2016
I own a Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) on the xiaomi.eu build 8.11.15.
I discovered this fix while doing a search on an adb logcat entry that happened whilst the Bluetooth issue was happening on my device.
You will need ROOT access to edit the buildprop file.

The two lines below appeared in logcat as I turned on Bluetooth.
"bt_core_module: module_start_up Failed to start up module "hci_module"
"bt_main : bte_main_enable HCI_MODULE failed to start, Killing the bluetooth process"

Naturally, I googled the lines and I found a fix that others had on their other Android 7 devices (thanks to XDA).
This is the fix:

  1. Download JRummy's BuildProp Editor from Google Play Store.
  2. Press the pencil icon on the top right to bring up the buildprop in it's whole form, be careful not to accidentally do anything
  3. Scroll to where you can find the comment '#ADDED BY XIAOMI.EU' then underneath the heading, find 'ro.bluetooth' lines
  4. Underneath a line where bluetooth is located (like ro.bluetooth.request.master) add the following line:
  5. Reboot & try your Bluetooth and it's toggle
This worked for me luckily and saved me having to go to another ROM or up another xiaomi.eu version - as Pie isn't playing nicely with me.