Flashing MIUI International Multilanguage ROM

Apr 13, 2014
Hi everyone!

I've just gotten a Hongmi and I'm trying to switch it to the international multilanguage ROM.
At first I thought that the original ROM would be good enough, but there are a lot of parts that are not translated, and I don't speak any Chinese.

So, while trying to update it, after I loaded a recovery bootloader (CWM or TWRP) I get stuck. I see the Android logo lying on it's back and I don't know how to continue. I followed the the guides, but it didn't seem to work.
The weird thing is that the android logo has some text under it (it's in Chinese), which I didn't see on the pictures in the tutorial. I've attached it to this post. Does anyone have any idea?

At this point I'm having doubts that this is a real Hongmi. It was bought directly from China. Checking the IMEI on Xiaomi's site says that the device is one of their devices. The numbers on the box match with those that are on the phone. It has the seal on the screw, and it looks like all the photos that I've seen of original models.
I even downloaded Antutu from MI Market, and the device seemed OK. But some other benchmark apps found that either the resolution is off (960*540), or that the GPU is off (Mali 400). I took a screenshot and the file manager says it's the right size (1280*720). So how can I make sure if it's real or fake?

Thank's a lot,
Jan 24, 2014
Try to press the on/off button when you see that logo.
Or volum-up button

I had that issea to, but it was in english.
And there was saying: No action so try to do the things i just told you above.

And wipe all the data/cashe and than use your recovey update....
Apr 13, 2014
I already tried pushing the on/off button. I had read that on another thread with someone that was stuck at the same step. But it didn't do anything. Nor did pushing the volume button.

How can I wipe all the data? I got here using mobile uncle tool, which replaced the recovery with cwm or twrp.

Any ideas?