Flashing Redmi Note 2

Sep 20, 2015
I'd like to flash latest MIUI 7 on my Redmi Note 2.
I'm currently running preinstalled MIUI 6 ( LHMCNCF).
In case it's any difference, it's TDD-LTE version (with FDD support - confirmed) from ********.

What options do i have to flash it with full wipe in order to get clean miui7 installation? (I don't mind losing any data)

I've read "How to upgrade/update MIUI?" guide posted here, but I'm confused in which category do I fall.
I guess it's the second one (I'm running MIUI from some other website or XDA (Unofficial), but want to upgrade.) This one need CWM in order to flash, which requires root.

Step 3 - System Wipe - [3,4]
is also not for users who falls under category [2].

How safe is to root redmi note 2?
Is there any guide available here which was confirmed to work?
Can i brick my phone?

Official MIUI flashing guide provides 3 methods of flashing ROM System/Recovery/Fastboot. What is the difference between them? Can i use fastboot method for xiaomi.eu ROM?

Can i update using Recovery method even tho this is stated on official MIUI website? "This method is not applicable to some Redmi MTK devices due to differences in Recovery interface."

Thanks in advance. I'm new to flashing/rooting and also MIUI. Just don't want to brick my phone.
Better safe then sorry :)
Sep 20, 2015
Anyone can help me with this one? Can I safely upgrade to 5.9.18 over the version I already have using Updater app and then do full wipe?

Feb 4, 2015
Your Miui version is not an original miui rom.

I recommand you to flash your phone via fastboot rom (search on en.miui.com forum) and then flash the xiaomi.eu version.

With this you will have for sure all the original recovery and boot from Xiaomi.