Flashing Rom For The Very First Time

Jan 23, 2015
HI I have a mi note with official global rom (from en. miui. com) and would like to flash the multilanguage rom from xiaomi. eu.
can you please explain the process? i mean
1. can i just use the updater app? if no please explain
2. is the process reversible? i mean can i go back to the official version?
3 is ota supported?

thanks in advance for your help. as you can understand i am not an experienced user and need guidance


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May 4, 2014
1) First back up your all data. You can use settings>Additional Settings> Back up and Reset> Local Back up and select all.
2)Rename the Xiaomi.eu Rom zip file to "update.zip" (All lower case letters) and place the file in the root directory of your phone. (Where folders like Android, Bluetooth is located) Then power off your device and boot into recovery by pressing the volume up button and power button simultaneously)
3) In recovery you browse through options with volume buttons and select with power button.
4) From recovery Go to wipe and Reset and then select "Wipe User Data" and wait for it to complete.
5)Then go back and select "install zip from system". Wait till it finishes and then reboot.
6) Then restore your backup.

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Jan 23, 2015
thanks bugmenot1for the detailed info.
last question : if i wanted to go back to the eu.xiaomi.com OFFICIAL global version should i use the same procedure explained or...?



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