New Flashlight Galaxy Note 2

Oct 8, 2012
Just for record the Post textbox doesn't appear in IE11 but worked for Chrome.
Anyway, I have same issue after installing latest 4.7.25 4.1 rom.
The flashlight feature in status bar and long press shortcut is broken now. Nothing happens when pressed.
I noticed the Mi-Key app is also added to this rom. Could this have broken it because the flashlight works when I use Mi-Key. But this is a nice feature of original MIUI Rom was the flashlight, ye do a great job there, but seriously, please get rid of that MiKey crap in the next update. Its horrible to use, confusing as hell and horrible UI.
I'm going to get rid of MiKey off my phone now. Maybe its not allowing hardware access to the original flashlight or something?
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