FM radio RDS

Oct 25, 2013
I've tried searching forums.. both (EU and official EN), still no luck..
Does MI2s support RDS in FM radio? Pre installed applications doesn't show any traces of it, so naturally .. does hardware even support it? If yes, what app would You recommend?

no, I live in a place where I must pay for internet, so big NO for live radio streaming alternatives.. don't even mention them.
Jul 19, 2013
Yes, I think RDS is supported in fact when I listen to some radio stations it shows some infos written by the radio station itself such as an ad, the website or the phone number for SMS.
Unfortunately in the "found frequencies" list I must enter the station name manually because it doesn't seem to retrieve it automatically.

I'm talking about the MIUI preinstalled radio app, I've never tried third party apps for FM radio and personally I find the MIUI apps well written, beautiful and powerful. ;)